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How Mom Made It! And How You Can Too! We’re Shining a Light on Mom Creators... Whether they’re baking cookies, playing pickleball or spreading peace around the world, moms are making it and making a difference. “How Mom Made It! is a new podcast dedicated to showing moms you can do it too! Produced by MomsTown, and hosted by Mary Goulet and Heather Reider, “How Mom Made It!” is on a mission to share the stories of mom creators, not only to promote their products and services, but to serve as an inspiration for other moms to take action on their ideas and dreams.

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Tuesday Aug 15, 2023

Jennifer Lucore - How Mom Made It! Playing Pickleball
She is a pickleball champion, pickleball historian and she’s in the Pickleball Hall of Fame! 
Pickleball! If you don’t play, you probably know someone who does. According to the Sports & Fitness Industry Association, it’s the fastest growing sport three years in a row with more than 36-million players in the United States. 
California apparently has the most players and in San Diego County, we have one of the best players in the nation. We recently had a chance to catch up with pickleball champion, pickleball historian and pickleball hall-of-famer, Jennifer Lucore. Jennifer is a native Californian and mom living in Oceanside, and has helped craft the pickleball world during her 15+ years of competition and contribution
Jennifer Lucore list of pickleball accomplishments:
- Pickleball Hall of Fame inductee 
- Co-author with her mom: History of Pickleball – More Than 50 Years of Fun! 
- Board of Director at Naples Pickleball Center (Pickleball capital of the world with 66 permanent courts) 
- USA Pickleball Ambassador at Large (since June 2015) 
- Pickleball Magazine – Board Member and Around the Post column co-contributor 
- USA Pickleball Historian. Assisting the media with their research of pickleball history (got to make sure they get it right! and yes, the sport was named after the dog Pickles) 
- Board of Director for the newly created team Naples JBB United, part of the National Pickleball League. 
Be sure to tune in to our interview as we discuss with Jennifer
The fact that pickleball has 36 million players in the US and why is it so popular
Why she thinks we should all give it a try and why
The importance of follow your passion as she did and what happens when you do
Tips for how to find your passion, you can “make it too”
Whatever age you are, you CAN carve out time for YOU, to find an outside passion, something that lights your fire, gives back, fills your soul.
Pickleball checks a lot of the boxes of good stuff for YOU, so again if you’re playing Fabulous, if not give it a try, it could be your newest love.
To learn more visit Jennifer’s site: All Pickleball

Tuesday Aug 15, 2023

Stephanie Brown, CEO and Founder of The Rosie Network
The Rosie Network is a non-profit organization founded by local military spouse, Stephanie Brown, after spending hours searching online for a contractor to do repair work on her home. Preferring to hire a veteran, a vision was born to promote military family-owned businesses to the American public. Shortly after, Rosie’s List was launched, the first-of-its-kind search tool featuring verified veteran and military spouse-owned businesses. Understanding the complex needs of small businesses the Service2CEO Program was developed to educate and empower the next generation of military-connected entrepreneurs! 
We had an opportunity to catch up with Stephanie and ask her why she started The Rosie Network and what it means to our community.  
Or visit: The Rosie Network

Using Her Voice

Tuesday Aug 15, 2023

Tuesday Aug 15, 2023

Christy Harst | How Mom Made It! With her voice
You might not know it but chances are good that you’ve heard this mom’s voice on commercials for John Deere, Delta Faucets, Sherwin Williams, Bank of America and PNC Bank. 
In this episode, we’re chatting with Christy Harst, who for the past 20 years has been working as a voice over actor. 
Her journey started in college when she applied for a news internship at a radio station. During the interview, the station manager told her she had a good voice, escorted her to the studio, asked her to read the Star Spangled Banner into a microphone, and pressed record. After she was done, he played it back and said, “You’d do well in voice overs.” At the time, Christy says she didn’t even know what a voice over was, let alone how to get into the business. At the end of the internship, the station manager hired her to record a tag line for a commercial. She remembers her parents drove an hour to get in range to hear it on their car radio.
Listen to this episode and learn how Christy makes a living getting others to listen and how she launched her career from her home-based studio.
To learn more about Christy, visit: Christy Harst

Tuesday Aug 15, 2023

How Mom Made It! Promoting Peace Around the World
Jill McManigal, Founder of Kids for Peace Global
Website: Kids for Peace Global
Jill McManigal is the proud mother of two beautiful children and the co-founder & executive director of the global nonprofit, Kids for Peace. What started in her Carlsbad backyard in 2006 has grown into a kindness movement with over 19 million youth in 115 countries participating. Through Kids for Peace, Jill and her team are building a worldwide community of kind, compassionate and empowered young people.
We recently had a chance to catch up with Jill. She shares the story of how an idea that started in her backyard sparked a global movement.
During the interview, we are talking about:
The Great Kindness Challenge (for schools, families & businesses)
The Peace Pledge – what is it?
 The Peace Pledge Program – and how to start a chapter
We’re also talking about three important points about making peace a part of your world.
Words matter! Create a positive home by placing affirmation notes around the house
Actions matter! Download our free Great Kindness Challenge – Family Edition checklist and tackle one act of kindness together per week.
Kindness Heals! The pandemic made for some very tough times for our kids. Research shows that engaging in acts of kindness helps with depression and feelings of isolation. Commitment to intentionally practicing kindness together.
To learn more, visit:
*This podcast is for entertainment and education purposes only.

Tuesday Aug 15, 2023

How Mom Made It! And got Her Product onto Store Shelves Nationwide!
Leeanna Gantt, Founder & CEO, TookTake & TookTake Pets
Leeanna Gantt, a mom and breast cancer survivor, invented a product to help people of all ages get & stay well. Now, she wants to share her story to inspire other moms.
Her story is inspiring! It all started with being diagnosed with cancer. During her chemotherapy, she found herself overwhelmed by the medications she had to take and the schedule of medications. The solution she came up with sparked the beginning of her company- and it all started with a sticky note.
Tooktake is a simple label-based solution that helps busy parents, pet owners, teenagers and kids track their wellness products while allowing them to stay in their child-safe packaging.
Leeanna hopes that her story will inspire others, and she believes that Tooktake will help millions of people get healthy & stay healthy. One dose at a time.
Be sure to listen to how her cancer recovery inspired a popular product invention + her advice for aspiring mom inventors!
Also, be ready to take notes. Leanna is sharing great tips for aspiring mom entrepreneurs and mom inventors. Here’s just a few of the highlights of what to expect during the conversation:
If you have an idea that you just can’t get out of your head, go for it.
There is no timeline you have to follow when you are starting something. Some people take years and years or sell one at a time, other people jump in with both feet. They are different but neither is better.
A few things not to do when you start your business. ( Example: don’t order a ton of packing materials before you have even had one sale : )
Tips on what you really should have ready before you even think about trying to get into big retail like Walmart and CVS
Once you do decide to go for it, talk to anyone and everyone you can find to get advice from. Entrepreneurs love to share their frustrations and mis-steps and you can learn so much from the mistakes they have already made. And, they can give some great advice too.
To learn more about Leanna’s journey and her products, visit her site:
Instagram - or @tooktake
* This podcast is for entertainment and education purposes only.

Trailer - How Mom Made It!

Friday May 05, 2023

Friday May 05, 2023

This is a trailer for How Mom Made It!


About the Podcast

Mary & Heather share 5 reasons why they love doing the podcast and why they believe all moms should be listening. 


1.   Moms are inherently creative. We create and nurture families. And, even if you’re not thinking about starting a business, chances are you have an idea for a product or service that you’d like to see out in the world. This podcast helps you nourish your sparks of creativity. One little spark can ignite so much joy. 

2.   We learn something new in every episode. Every mom has a unique story. Every mom comes to the show ready to share tips and advice. Trust us when we say, we’re taking notes during every episode. Moms are generous in sharing their advice and resources. You’ll also want to take notes. 

3.  It’s fast fun! Moms are busy. We intentionally keep every episode short and shiny. What we mean is that we don’t waste moms’ valuable time. We dive right in. We get the show rolling right away, bring on our guests and get to the questions. We don’t spend time telling our listeners what we did over the weekend or what we ate for breakfast. Moms want to know “How Mom Made It1” and how they can too! 

4.   It’s about the mom next door and the mom across the globe. Stories come in all shapes and sizes and “success” is unique to every person. For one mom, success might mean making a fortune; for another, success might be learning how to turn chaos into calm and finding strategies for simplifying her life. “How Mom Made It!” is on a mission to cover all the bases of success (or, at least as many as possible). 

5.  How Mom Made It! supports moms. We don’t charge moms to come on our show and share their stories. Listening to the show and sharing the show with friends and family helps us help moms. It’s a numbers game. The more listeners we get the more episodes we can do. Listening and sharing supports other moms and that’s a beautiful thing. 

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